Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gone for Two Months.

Hey guys! It's been a while, I know, I am so sorry. Life has just been too busy for me. But I am back and I've missed writing on this blog.

SO I know you guys probably have questions like: Where have you been? When and what will you be posting on this blog? Will you possibly take breaks like this one in the future?

I've been places. I've been at work taking photos and editing them while going to portfolio reviews. I've been with my boyfriend, hanging out and watching movies while he still isn't completely busy with sports. I've been trying to finish college applications so I can advance with my future and so I won't stress out about it next year. I've been around.

I haven't found out when I will be officially posting on this blog, maybe it might be on the weekends because that's when I find myself the least busy out of all the days of the weeks. As of what I will be posting is totally up to me. For the past weeks that I've been off of my blog, I've been thinking of ways to improve my blog. It's still a work in progress. But hopefully it'll come out to be really cool by the time 2016 begins.

Everyone takes breaks. This has not been the first time I've taken a break from a blog. This will probably not be my last time. The reason why I took this break was so I can get my life back together so I can come back and give you great blog quality. It's better to leave and come back with a bang then stay and not show your best work.

But for now, I am back and I can't wait to show you guys what is to come in the future. If you guys have any topic you'd like me to talk about in my next post, please let me know! I'd love to write about anything that you would like to know. Thanks and see you guys soon :)

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  1. Hey girl hey! Glad your back, I was wondering where you went!