Friday, December 25, 2015


It's Christmas! Yet over here it doesn't even feel like it because it's like 70 degrees outside. Yesterday was a really fun day with my family and friends, and I even got to spend a bit of it with my boyfriend which made me happy.

Anyway, this post will contain 3 parts.

Part 1: What I got for Christmas!
For Christmas, I actually got the NuMe hair products and I was so excited, I also finally got a debit card with my money already put in. I also got Lush from my boyfriend. Other than that I got new camera equipment

Part 2: What I gave to others for Christmas!
I gave my friends all cute necklaces/bracelets which they loved, I got my secret santa a gift which was a pop! toy collectable from the show Gotham and I got my boyfriend a game stop gift card. I got my brother an adidas bag for soccer and I got my parents chocolates!

Part 3: What I did for Christmas!
Last night I had a dinner with my family and I got to hang out with friends. Today I am planning to go out again with my friends and go to New York which is why this post is really small.

Yeah... we're going to New York, I'm probably going to take photos so I'll talk to you guys next time, bye!!!!!

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